Marianne Schoenig is Co-Founder & Director of Blueintogreen. She is an accredited workplace & commercial mediator, consultant and coach dedicated to supporting more fulfilling and productive working relationships and organisations. Marianne is also an inclusion & diversity and supply chain expert, and has extensive experience in multinational organisations, non-profits and small & medium businesses.

Marianne Schoenig is an ICF-qualified Executive Conflict Coach, Workplace Coach and Life Coach, and an NLP Practitioner, with extensive coaching and consulting experience within large and small organisations, including a global leadership role driving inclusion and diversity within a leading professional services organisation.

Marianne is also an Accredited Workplace Mediator, and Civil & Commercial Mediator. 

Michael Schoenig is Co-Founder & Director of Blueintogreen. He is focused on sustainable supply chains, strategy, team development, risk management and safety and ethical standards. Michael is a Master Practitioner of Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP), 


Alexandra McAdam Clark is an accredited workplace and employment dispute mediator. She also has wider dispute resolution expertise. Her background is as a trade union 

member and officer for over 20 years. Alex has mediated in a variety of situations with people in diverse workforces and with a variety of personalities and skills. Alex has also served as a judge and an assessor of mediation students, and was a trustee for a London charity.


    Mediation & Executive Coaching

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