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Enterprise Services

We provide the following services to our clients and their stakeholders:

Enterprise alignment to purpose & values

Helping small or medium-sized, or under-represented enterprises to refresh/redefine their purpose and core values, and improve enterprise alignment and marketplace visibility of their distinctive service and product offerings, and of the value they add. This includes support and guidance on helpful resources.

Ecosystem consulting

Strategic support and project services for organisations and networks who are supporting small and medium-sized businesses to succeed, and who are 'joining the dots' to promote stronger collaboration. For example, how to identify and implement strategies which maximise enterprise growth and/or measurable impact, relative to the resources to which they have access.


Inclusive, Sustainable Sourcing 
‘Sustainable sourcing considers the impact of environmental, economic and social factors along with price and quality. This is important in terms of how buyers conduct relationships with suppliers and service providers, especially when sourcing globally. Supply chain professionals must be aware of and look out for signs of unacceptable practices in the supply chain, and be above reproach.’                           
Adapted from definition of 


Examples of support to buying organisations include:

  • Supplier Inclusion & Diversity: strategy for accessing a wider pool of suppliers and service providers

    • for innovative, responsive and competitive sourcing

    • to meet legislative and client requirements 

    • to ensure supply chain is more balanced and reflective of organisation's target markets and/or wider society

    • including supplier development (corporate ready or grassroots) as needed

    • to help meet corporate citizenship/CSR goals

    • to include stakeholder engagement, implementation support, mentoring, metrics, reporting & communications

  • Collaborative approach - for example which networks & membership organisations to participate in and how 

Content Services - Mediation, Coaching, Inclusion

Content marketing is a key way to help your prospective clients build confidence in your services. High quality content (which is needed for you to stand out) is also time-consuming to develop.


We are your behind the scenes partner to help you strategise and develop your content - however much or little support you need. 



Sustainable Supply Chain - Logistics & Freight 
  • Freight trading advice and management for transportation of renewable energy materials (including biomass) & other bulk commodities 

  • Environmental & safety stewardship

  • Contract negotiations including charter parties & long term freight contracts

  • Collaborative project management for port terminal operations 

  • Agency representation