Inclusive Supply Chain & Entrepreneurial Empowerment

Most organisations spend significant proportions of their revenues on bought-in services and products. With their supply chain a substantial part of their business, organisations need a diverse and inclusive supply base to stay innovative and relevant to a diverse customer base. We can help your organisation with strategy and/or project services in areas such as those below:

  • procuring services and products from a wider pool of suppliers and service providers 

  • balancing the supply chain to be more representative of your target customer base or society in general eg. by levelling the playing field with a view to increasing the proportion of quality suppliers owned by women, by ethnic minorities, or by persons with disabilities or who are LGBT, or which are small and medium-sized enterprises

  • developing capacities of under-represented suppliers

  • creating communications content to help your organisation benefit from proper recognition for its commitment to more inclusive sourcing and supplier management. 

We are equally committed to

  • helping under-represented, small or medium-sized enterprises to increase visibility of their distinctive service and product offerings and of the value they add 

  • helping the networks - who are supporting small businesses and 'joining the dots' to promote stronger collaboration - to identify and implement the right strategy to maximise impact relative to the resources to which they have access