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Recognise these very common challenges in today's VUCA* world?


*VUCA stands for Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous. 

Identifying purpose, setting meaningful goals, implementing strategies to achieve these goals and leading balanced lives in today’s fast and connected VUCA world are not easy. While information and advice are plentiful, there's a lot of contradiction, confusion and superficial guidance - it can feel like there's more 'noise' than 'signal.'

We're all navigating our way through unprecedented times, and no wonder stress and anxiety are at pandemic levels. Homo sapiens is a 100,000+ year old design, programmed primarily for protection and survival when faced by short term threats - but weakened by continual exposure to perceived or real longer term threats. This is unless we tap into proven ways to transcend and evolve our natural 'wiring' so that we all can enjoy greater resourcefulness in overcoming challenges and embracing opportunities - thereby achieving abundance in our lives and world.

The most helpful sources of assistance are the messages - and the messengers - which meet us in our world, based on where we are right now, including caring, dedicated professionals who have the experience and broad range of awareness and skills to support us to draw on our wisdom and resources for our onward journeys. 

Executive coaching and personal coaching are interventions which focus on meeting your specific needs and/or those needs of other individual(s) or groups that you care about - whether at work or within relationships with family, friends and community. We have a wealth of resources, tools & experience to help you and/or those you care about to advance towards more fulfilling, more secure and more joyful living.

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What is Executive Coaching? 

Our services are engaged by individuals on a private basis, or by organisations. We offer tailored support to help you and/or your people to resourcefully unpack and respond to challenges and/or opportunities - and in so doing help generate options and paths forward to greater meaningfulness, satisfaction and impact. 

What is the purpose of an Executive Coach? 

We help you or your colleague(s), team(s) and organisation(s) to get to a place in which you or they begin to experience work and life as being more fulfilling - in a better and faster way than would have been the case without coaching intervention. Trust of, and rapport with, the coach is crucial.

We support you to mobilise your distinctive strengths around a vision and purpose and realistic goals that you genuinely believe in and find compelling.

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How coaching works

Coaching is future focused and is centred around asking and responding to thought-provoking questions, which help to access insights into a client's values and beliefs and whether they are supporting or impeding a client's chosen direction. Patterns or habits, and where these might have stemmed from, become more visible, which helps the client to decide which patterns to maintain, and which to work at replacing with new ones, so that you/they can make swifter progress towards what 'better' looks and feels like for the client.

Coaching often benefits a client's wider family, organisation and community.  No-one is a 'closed system', and people together influence each other's behaviour and experience. Raising awareness via the coaching process brings positive ripple effects.

Coaching is 100% confidential and may be either a one off 'stand-alone' conversation, or a series of interventions.

How Executive Conflict Coaching works

Similar principles apply as for Coaching above, yet the focus is on supporting a person who is in a conflict or experiencing tension with another/others. Conflict coaching is underpinned by the belief that conflict is natural, and that new and positive possibilities generate out of conflict when conflict is managed well.


Coaching is a process which enables a heated or stressful situation, and the associated thinking patterns of the person or people involved to slow right down. Rigid thought processes and entrenched emotions (which either contributed to the conflict or have so far prevented its resolution) can then be loosened up and viewed with more objectivity so that the person or people in conflict are better able to generate new options for their path forward. 

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How coaching and mediation services complement each other

Coaching and mediation closely complement each other, for example:

Before mediation - coaching can help you/other(s) to prepare to engage in and benefit from mediation 

During mediation - coaching helps you/other(s) to identify and explore thoughts, feelings and ideas to guide you/ them in constructing options for moving forward (such options forming the agreed written outcomes of mediation)  

After mediation - coaching may be a direct point of agreement arising from a mediation (eg. Person A agrees to undergo coaching in how to approach challenging conversations less confrontationally or less submissively), and/or coaching also supports you/other(s) as mediation participants as you/they integrate the steps that you/they are accountable for as outcomes of mediation.

Our consulting & training services

We provide bespoke consulting services to meet your and your organisation's specific needs in areas such as transformation towards a mediation and/or coaching-oriented culture. We also provide training on principles of mediation, to support organisational representatives to help colleagues manage conflict more positively. 

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More about Marianne Schoenig

Marianne Schoenig is an ICF-qualified Executive Conflict Coach, Workplace Coach and Life Coach, and an NLP Practitioner, with extensive coaching and consulting experience within large and small organisations, including a global leadership role driving inclusion and diversity within the professional services organisation Accenture. Marianne is also an Accredited Workplace Mediator, and Civil & Commercial Mediator. 

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