Change Consulting 

Meeting objectives and leading balanced lives in today’s super-fast, super-connected world is not easy. Advice in many forms is plentiful, and it may or may not be useful. Usually most helpful are the messages and messengers that meet us in our world, where we are right now. Change consulting is an intervention which is tailored to the specific needs of the individual, group or organisation.

With the right change consultant(s) people can gain deeper insights into the choices they make, the patterns that they're in, and the limits and expectations within which they are required to or prefer to operate. This includes how they respond to situations and other people and their requirements, and whether this is leading them towards feeling more (or less) engaged and fulfilled. How aligned are the relevant individuals or team(s)? What are their concerns, or risks they could be facing? And what options they have to make manageable changes if, for example, their goals are to feel more aligned, fulfilled and secure? (And are these goals compatible?)

Most people (and groups) have ‘baggage’ or pressures of some kind that they mostly manage by themselves most of the time within their support ecosystem (families, friends, colleagues and replenishment activities). Yet even the most outwardly successful people or teams may get stuck at some stage – perhaps without even consciously realising they are until major problems set in.

The point of a change consultant is to help individuals, teams and organisations get closer to where they’d authentically prefer to be, or to where they're needed to be - better or faster than they can do so under their own steam. For example, major shifts can be possible by reconsidering the beliefs that they hold about their relationship(s) to a situation or person(s) or group(s), and by deciding to internalise a fresher view(s) which can generate new options. Talking things through with a trusted professional(s) who believes in the individual/team or organisation, and makes the people involved feel genuinely supported and sometimes challenged, can help to trigger such shifts.

Helping people build strengths is proven to be much more effective than helping them correct our weaknesses. Change consulting is 100% confidential and may be informal or formal, and either a one off or occasional discussion or a series of interventions.

Change consulting complements other forms of consulting by helping people and organisations to keep energised during periods of transition, and to keep their interests aligned as far as possible and practicable.

Change consulting complements mediation by helping participants to identify options and then to implement follow-up actions to the required standards that they agreed to in the mediation.