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 We help organisations & people to strengthen through more sustainable choices and mediation:

'blue into green' is a metaphor for what inspires us -   a world becoming more inclusive and sustainable 

Leadership of collaborative project to strengthen supply chains, including better access to investment for social enterprises.
Freight trading, supply chain and operational leadership services for power utility Statkraft's biomass renewables trading organisation.  
Trained and mentored Drax Power's logistics team to trade and negotiate freight contracts for supply of biomass renewable fuel materials. 
Contributing leadership skills & inclusive marketplace experience to Economic Blueprint for Women, especially promoting easier Access to Markets for women-owned businesses.

Marianne Schoenig is Co-Founder of Blueintogreen. She is a consultant, accredited mediator and coach dedicated to supporting stronger ecosystems for small enterprises and better livelihood and buying choices for everyone. Marianne's previous roles included Global (Non-US) Supplier Inclusion & Diversity Lead of Accenture. Click for more details. Blueintogreen Limited is a majority women-owned and controlled enterprise.

Michael Schoenig is Co-Founder of Blueintogreen. He is a bulk shipping expert with more than 30 years' experience in dry material freight. Michael is focused on the transportation and promotion of utilisation of biomass, a key renewable and sustainably managed energy source. Michael also advises on strategy, risk management, environmental responsibility and safety and ethical standards.