Workplace, Employment

& Commercial Mediation

We provide safe, impartial, supportive spaces (secure, confidential online virtual rooms are available) for you and/or your colleagues, or suppliers or clients to negotiate and own positive ways past relationship challenges or disputes           - tapping into creative, lasting solutions.

Coaching, Training      and Consulting

We are your service provider  for tailored coaching, training and consulting interventions (secure, confidential online options available) to support you and/or your team or organisation to accelerate your progress in the goals and areas that matter most to you.

If you and your colleagues are working from home, we're fully aware that some people are more comfortable with these arrangements than others, and that relationship tensions don't usually go away by themselves. 

Perhaps you are returning from your role being furloughed and in the process of adapting to new routines and feeling uncertain about the future.


Or possibly you are an independent business owner who is currently refreshing your strategy of how to flourish in the emerging normal.

We are committed to supporting you and others you care about to the same high standards as always. We can support you via any video or voice platform that you're comfortable with. 

To arrange a complimentary introductory chat with us - please complete the enquiries and information box below.

With every good wish and we look forward to being of service to you. 



    Mediation & Coaching at work

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