You care about people.

You want people to feel fulfilled and engaged at work (including your team and yourself).


You value different views as healthy for creativity...

...and you value tailored interventions to boost people's resourcefulness:

...while you also know that people experiencing challenges in their professional relationships may need some support...

...and may benefit from a safe, confidential, neutral, non-judgemental space in which to be heard and unpack their issues and drive their own solutions...

...and that this is often very helpful not only for the people directly involved, but also for the organisation...

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Workplace mediation is nota process...


  • that people can be pressured, or formally required to take part in

  • in which the mediator can be 'imposed' on participants

  • which reveals any details outside the mediation

  • in which people in conflict may be forced to be in the same room

  • which focuses on the past

  • in which people are judged

  • in which people are told what to do

  • which is part of an organisation's formal grievance or disciplinary procedures

Workplace mediation is a practice...


  • which enables people to identify a mutually acceptable path forward, in the presence of a professional mediator

  • which is voluntary (participants can refuse mediation or leave mediation at any time)

  • in which the mediator (neutral and impartial) must be acceptable to both/all participants

  • which is entirely confidential

  • in which people are only in same room (or virtual room) if comfortable with this

  • in which people are never judged or told what to do

  • which is completely separate to an organisation's formal grievance or disciplinary procedures

  • which is positive and insightful, and often creative

  • which typically enables resolution to be reached more quickly and affordably than is case with traditional grievance route, and with much less stress, disruption and risk 

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